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the Journey of a Homebuyer

It’s not just any transaction.

Let this sink in: your home will likely be the single largest and most important purchase you will ever make.Your home is where your family lives and grows, where you will experience some of life’s most precious events. It must be a place of safety and security (for you and your wallet) and most importantly, you need to enjoy being there. 

With stakes that high, you can’t afford to have the wrong guide. 

Your choice in the person who represents you can have an enormous impact on your homebuying experience. It can mean the difference between satisfaction and disappointment or even between success and failure.

From the first conversation to the final signature at closing, your real estate agent should be your ultimate advocate.They should be able to help you choose the right home, write the best offer, negotiate in your best interest, coordinate the escrow process, and help you avoid any pitfalls along the way.

Your success should be your agent’s highest priority.

my only goal is to help you achieve yours,
and to provide the highest quality service along the way. 
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Six Steps to Home Ownership

Start by reviewing the Six Steps to Home Ownership below, where you’ll learn the basics about each phase of a real estate transaction, and when you’re ready, let’s talk. I’d love to help you buy your next home.

Step One:


This is where we get to know one another (in-person or Zoom). We’ll discuss your needs, wants and goals and then we’ll talk about the buying process and current market conditions. Using that information, we’ll build a plan to help you find and purchase the right home.
Step two:


Unless you’re planning to pay cash for your new home, you’ll need to secure financing. A qualified mortgage lender will review your qualifications and help you determine how much you can afford to borrow.
Step three:


Once your financing is in place, we can start looking at homes. You’ll begin receiving listing notifications by email or text, alerting you whenever a home that matches your search criteria comes onto the market. If you see something you like, I’ll schedule a showing and we’ll go take a look.
Step four:

Writing the offer

A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration before we submit your offer to the seller. Things like the condition of the home, prevailing market conditions, sale prices of comparable properties, and the personality of the seller and listing agent all play a role in crafting your best offer. When you find the right home, we’ll take every possible factor into consideration to give you the best chance of success.
Step five:

The Escrow Process

Once your contract is accepted by the seller, the work really starts. You’ll typically have between 30-60 days until closing. During this time you’ll submit your earnest money deposit, schedule an inspection and negotiate any repairs that may need to be done. While we’re busy with that, the title company will be preparing your insurance policy and your lender will be busy making sure that your funds will be ready by closing.
Step six:


You’ve come to an agreement with the seller, your funds are delivered, the title is transferred into your name, and you can finally move into your new home.
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